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You are not dumb!!!!!

If you are dyslexic you are not dumb you are different. Being dyslexic can be very hard, but being dyslexic can make you stronger I got much stronger. It might take some time to learn things , but I know in every dyslexic heart you might not  think you are smarter than everyone else. But did you know that many people who where famous had dyslexia?  My mom once printed me up a sheet of paper it said many famous people have dyslexia.
So there you are not dumb!!!
Are you dyslexic?
Do you know anybody famous with dyslexia?


10 thoughts on “You are not dumb!!!!!

  1. Annie, your blog is wonderful! You get right to te heart of everything- your feelings, how other people with dyslexia might feel…it’s all so great! Keep up your wonderful work; looking forward to seeing you soon!’ Love, Nana

  2. Annabelle,
    Wow, I am so impressed at your bravery to share about your dyslexia! What an encouragement you are to so many other kids out there with dyslexia. I would love to share your post and blog on my FB page, Turning Around Dyslexia. I share other’s stories about their struggles and successes with learning differences, specifically Dyslexia.
    I am a Dyslexia Therapist. I have the privilege of working with students like you everyday. I will be sharing your blog with my students so they can be encouraged by your words, too.
    Thank you for sharing, Annabelle. You are a very impressive young lady.

    Sherri Turnquist

  3. How about Albert Einstein for starters? Charles Schwab (whose name is practically synonomous with making money), Sir Richard Branson (CEO and Founder of Virgin Records), and Michael Faraday (invented the electric motor, among other accomplishments – there are LAWS named after this guy). And don’t even get me started on famous, rich, celebrated, successful entertainers…too many to mention but come on, Robin Williams, Henry Winkler, Whooping Goldberg, Orlando Bloom, Billy Bob Thornton, Jay Leno, Kiera Knightly…like I said, too many to list. Certainly too many to ignore. ALL NOT DUMB. All different in the best ways imaginable. Like you, Miss White. Just like you.

  4. Annabelle,

    I read your blogs to my son who is 12 and in 6th grade. You inspire him to try harder. He also makes excuses to get out of class, mainly reading and math, and go to the nurses office. He gets picked on a lot because he is not as quick as the other kids in his class. Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences so that others can truly understand what it’s like and for allowing children like my son to read the way other children get through.

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