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Dyslexia is a great gift.

If you have dyslexia you might think that it stinks, but it’s a great gift.
Most dyslexic people don’t know that. Dyslexia makes you more creative, and smart. At first I was like, dyslexia is not a great gift. But after a while I thought about it and it was right.
Dyslexia makes you stronger. When I was in school in 3rd grade I thought that I was never going to catch up to anyone.
It turns out I did, it takes some time .
You might not think you are catching up to the other people, but you probably are.


3 thoughts on “Dyslexia is a great gift.

  1. The holidays are the best time to focus on your gifts-this was a great post, Annie! An interesting gift coming your & your sister’s way soon . The start of a tradition for the White family, but one you will recognize right away! Hope you like it! Love always, the old BFF

  2. Annabelle, I am so impressed by what you have to say about dyslexia. I love that I get to see you work so hard every week in our sessions adm hear how your confidence in your abilities is growing all the time. You’re right- you are strong and you have many gifts! See you Wednesday…

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