When I Grow Up…..

When I grow up I want to be an advocate to help children like me. I want to be able to help dyslexic children get the education they need. Did you know that 15% to 20% of people are dyslexic in our world. That means one out of five people are dyslexic. Shouldn’t that be enough to get the right education for these children? There is one thing YOU can do to help support dyslexic people, you can join Decoding Dyslexia.

Since I have spoken at the State House I feel like I CAN be a advocate some day. I’ll tell you more about speaking at the Massachusetts State House later.

Do you know someone is dyslexic? Are you dyslexic?

Never give up 🙂




Places I like to go



Hi. This is me in the window of the Decordova!
The flowers were made out of tape. The decordova is an art park ,they have beautiful art sculptures. There is also a restaurant , walking path and a gift shop. Me and my family have been going to the Decordova ever since I was a baby. My favorite part of the Decordova is the tv car. It used to play tv,but now it plays music and that’s all. Me and my mom and sisters like to visit here. Anther one of my favorite places to go is,north bridge,the beach and the bike path. Where do you like to go??

“It’s my dyslexia”

Last week I went to the store with my sister’s and my mom to get beeine boos. I was so excited!!!!!! I was excited because I was going to buy them with my own money.
When I went to pay for them, the lady at the cash register asked my mom’s phone number.
We waited, and she said “what was it again”?. My mom said it again. She joked.”It’s my dyslexia”. My mom said, “we have a dyslexic person around us”.                                                The lady smirked . My mom said “Do you really have dyslexia?? She said No. I grew out of it.
My mom said to us “girls step aside”. We did. I felt like crying,but I didn’t.
My mom and the lady talked. “You don’t grow out of dyslexia”,said my mom.
“When I was about there age”. She pointed at me and my sister’s. She kept on talking.
You should always be careful what you say. You never grow out of dyslexia. Is what I wanted to say. When my mom was done talking with the lady, we saw a lady holding a basket. My mom said to her how disrespectful the lady was and to tell the boss about her. When my mom got home she called the store. Now I am always afraid that I will see that lady. To those who read this you should never let something go or do like this.

Dyslexia is a great gift.

If you have dyslexia you might think that it stinks, but it’s a great gift.
Most dyslexic people don’t know that. Dyslexia makes you more creative, and smart. At first I was like, dyslexia is not a great gift. But after a while I thought about it and it was right.
Dyslexia makes you stronger. When I was in school in 3rd grade I thought that I was never going to catch up to anyone.
It turns out I did, it takes some time .
You might not think you are catching up to the other people, but you probably are.

You are not dumb!!!!!

If you are dyslexic you are not dumb you are different. Being dyslexic can be very hard, but being dyslexic can make you stronger I got much stronger. It might take some time to learn things , but I know in every dyslexic heart you might not  think you are smarter than everyone else. But did you know that many people who where famous had dyslexia?  My mom once printed me up a sheet of paper it said many famous people have dyslexia.
So there you are not dumb!!!
Are you dyslexic?
Do you know anybody famous with dyslexia?

Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I checked my comments, there was only one. We’ll I was SUPER excited, but just 1. I sent out my post and went to bed. In the morning I checked again and I was THRLLED .
When I read about how people had other people in their family that had a hard time in school, or have dyslexia it makes me feel like I’m not alone. I really love your comments. Thank you again!!!!!!!!

The time I knew I was dyslexic

The first time I knew I was dyslexic is when I was in 1st grade. I had a pretty good teacher. When I was reading I didn’t know what anything meant. When I did math I got low scores. I knew something was different about me, but I didn’t know what it was.

I got picked on in school. I felt like I was in a jail  house. If I felt sad, mad, or bored I would go to the nurses office. There was 2 or 3 nurse seats, some stuffed animals and a sink. It was peaceful. To get to the nurses office I made up a reason to go to the nurses office.   That was 1st grade for me.