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“It’s my dyslexia”

Last week I went to the store with my sister’s and my mom to get beeine boos. I was so excited!!!!!! I was excited because I was going to buy them with my own money.
When I went to pay for them, the lady at the cash register asked my mom’s phone number.
We waited, and she said “what was it again”?. My mom said it again. She joked.”It’s my dyslexia”. My mom said, “we have a dyslexic person around us”.                                                The lady smirked . My mom said “Do you really have dyslexia?? She said No. I grew out of it.
My mom said to us “girls step aside”. We did. I felt like crying,but I didn’t.
My mom and the lady talked. “You don’t grow out of dyslexia”,said my mom.
“When I was about there age”. She pointed at me and my sister’s. She kept on talking.
You should always be careful what you say. You never grow out of dyslexia. Is what I wanted to say. When my mom was done talking with the lady, we saw a lady holding a basket. My mom said to her how disrespectful the lady was and to tell the boss about her. When my mom got home she called the store. Now I am always afraid that I will see that lady. To those who read this you should never let something go or do like this.


12 thoughts on ““It’s my dyslexia”

  1. I just read your post, Annie. I’m very sorry that this woman’s lack of real understanding of dyslexia hurt you, and kind of made the shopping trip less fun. I hope that you were still able to get your BeanieBoos, and that the rest of the day was fun for you & your family! Love always, Nana

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  2. I can really relate to your experience with people making remarks that hurt your feelings. I’m sorry that happened to you and I will “share” on my timeline right now. Can’t wait to see you guys soon 🙂 🙂

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