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My first post!

hi my name is Annabelle I am a 4th grader. My mom said I could start this blog because sometimes I have a hard time in school.Last year I got diagnosed with dyslexia. The first time my mom knew that I had dyslexia is when I first learned how to put on my shoes.My mom saw that I was putting on my shoes wrong, as if my shoes were on the right way. I was doing it over and over and over again. That was the beginning of my life being dyslexic.


4 thoughts on “My first post!

  1. Annabelle, you are very brave to be writing this blog! You write very well! I am looking forward to reading more… I know you have to work extra hard in school but I know your family encourages you and that will make it easier. I was a teacher so I understand what you are going through.

  2. Hi Annabelle, you have so much in common with my daughter Emily, she is twelve and in the sixth grade. You are very brave for sharing your feelings, thank you for that! My daughter goes to a school called The Winston. It is a school for kids with learning differences and it has made her life so much better. Before the Winston Emily felt a lot like you discribed. I will let her get on your blog tomorrow and write to you and she can explain to you herself how she felt.

    Always know, I know how your mom feels but I can’t say I know how you feel but I can say from watching my Emily and her struggles my heart goes out to you and am proud that you have decided to talk about it. The counselor at Emily’s school says when something or someone says something that bothers you it is called a “hurt rock.” And that rock gets bigger and bigger when you don’t talk about it but when you do the “hurt rock” can’t exist.

    Something I tell my Emily when she questions why she has dyslexia is this, dyslexia is something you have it is not who you are!

    Take Care,
    Debra Leaming

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